Improv Level Two

Mondays from 7:00pm — 10:00pm | 7 classes: Mar 11 - Apr 29, 2024

Improv Level 2

Price: $300.00 | Instructor: John Connon

SAK level two improv class provides a transition into a more advanced learning environment where each class is a half hour longer than level one classes. You will still play many of the fun group games from level one, but a greater focus will be placed on practicing the skills necessary for developing more in-depth narrative and character choices within an improvised scene. Our professional instructor will help you build listening skills, an awareness of the emotional connections within scenes, and an eagerness to make confident choices without fear of judgement.

Rules at a Glance: Ages 18+ | Non-Refundable | Non-Transferable | Participation Required
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*Rules and Regs - This class is for ages 18 and older. A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required for enrollment. The balance is due the first day of class. For students re-taking this level voluntarily, the deposit will be applied toward the repeat tuition price of $250.00. If after the first class you decide to discontinue taking the class, we will gladly refund your money, less the non-refundable deposit. After the second class, the entire tuition is non-refundable.Promotion to the next class level is contingent upon attendance, a demonstration of course concepts through discussion and application in class, and compliance with SAK U conduct guidelines. Students are allowed two absences per course, with no guarantee of make-up classes. If a student misses three or more classes, promotion to the next level and participation in any applicable showcase may be affected.