SAK Comedy Lab houses one of the largest improv training centers in the US, with several semesters of our core improv (and standup) classes per year, and specialty courses in between.

Stand Up

Our core improv classes are designed for people who want to be challenged, and who want to meet interesting people in a fun and supportive environment. Our student body is comprised of an equal mix of individuals who have performance aspirations and those who do not. Actors and performers who desire advanced training can expect to be launched on a track through four core levels that explore present moment awareness, thinking quickly on your feet and becoming a less inhibited actor and human being. Our curriculum is finely tuned and our instructors are highly experienced. For the casual participant, it’s just a whole lot of fun, and that’s all you need to know.


We love being able to introduce you to improv! That is why we at SAK offer periodic FREE preview workshops. In these workshops, we replicate the exact feel of our level one class so that you can safely determine if our classes are for you. Expect to play mostly fun group games and exercises. The environment we build is safe, supportive and fun!
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We like to say that our level one class is for just about everyone, from absolute newbie to advanced improviser just starting out with SAK. Our professional instructor will help each student become more present, less self-conscious and will work towards desensitizing you to the fear of “failing”... $230 for 8 classes.
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SAK level two improv class provides a natural leap into a more advanced learning environment where each class is a full hour longer than level one classes. You’ll still play many of the fun group games... $280 for 8 classes.
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SAK level three improv class continues the dive into more scene work, exploring longer scenes and fleshing out strong relational dynamics between characters. The emphasis in this class will be “feel before you think” and “act before you know why you’re acting”... $280 for 8 classes.
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SAK level four class is a performance track class that is designed to prepare you for your graduation show. In this class you will learn the performance games and technical skills needed to perform a SAK improv show. Your instructor will also work to form a cohesive ensemble chemistry within the class. $280 for 8 classes.
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