SAK Comedy Lab holds one of the largest improv training centers in the US, with several semesters of core improv (and standup) classes per year, & specialty courses in between.

NEW: Online Classes

Due to the current environment, we're now offering a handful of online classes. Please note that these are all designed for students with some moderate improv experience. Beginners should check out our in-person level one course (listed in the "All Classes" section below) that begins at the end of June.

All Classes

Our core improv classes are designed for people who want to be challenged, and who want to meet interesting people in a fun and supportive environment. Our student body is comprised of an equal mix of individuals who have performance aspirations and those who do not. Actors and performers who desire advanced training can expect to be launched on a track through four core levels that explore present moment awareness, thinking quickly on your feet and becoming a less inhibited actor and human being. Our curriculum is finely tuned and our instructors are highly experienced. For the casual participant, it’s just a whole lot of fun, and a great way to energize your week!


Improv Level One

The perfect starting point for our core improv classes for both beginners and those new to SAK.


Improv Level Two

A natural leap into a more advanced learning environment with a longer class.


Improv Level Three

A deeper dive into scene work & and dynamic relationships between characters.


Improv Level Four

A performance track class that will prepare you for your graduation show.


Advanced Conservatory I

A challenging yet fun course focusing on two-person scenes and a variety of long-form.


Advanced Conservatory II

In-depth scene-work training for long-form, plus a 4-week run in front of a live SAK audience.

Other Classes