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SAK improvisers bring the funny for any occasion...

Corporate Events / Award Banquets

We at SAK love to add laughter and joy to any company party, convention, or corporate event. Whether we are performing our classic improv show or creating fully customized content, we can find the show product that works for you and your budget!

Team Outings

Get your team out of the office every now and then and come see a show. It's fun, interactive, and we can even customize it to your business. Watch as your co-workers engage with our players and become the stars of the show.

Team Building Events

Our training builds stronger, more productive teams by enhancing communication and aiding team members to toss away inhibitions and self-reflective judgments. SAK has over 30 years experience teaching these skills to more than 12,000 people of all ages, sizes and walks of life. SAK fundamentally understands teamwork. It’s what we do... and we can teach YOU!

Schools & Faith Groups

Since 1991, SAK has been an Orlando destination for students, charities and faith based groups, in part due to our commitment to “smart comedy” without obscenities or use of shock humor. Let us turn an ordinary event, dinner or assembly into an extraordinary one. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know how to make your group laugh!

With different scenes, customized to your audience!

Crime Endowment

One person is a criminal, and the others have to try to get them to confess to their crime... but even they don't know what they did.

Moving Bodies

Our players are improvising, but it's up to your volunteer participants to move them across the stage. The more animated, the better.

In The Studio

We've all heard that one song before, but never like this. Laugh on as SAK players take a creative spin on your favorite musical classics.

These are just a few examples of the many different types of scenes we can tailor to your audience...

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please call Gina at 407-648-0001 (ext 2) or email us at [email protected]