SAK University

How long is each class?

Level one classes are two hours each. Levels two, three and four classes are three hours each.

How many classes are in a session?

Eight classes, meeting once a week, usually Sunday through Wednesday.

Do we perform a show at the end of the session?

Level one has a showcase show at the end of the session, and Level 4 has a full graduation show. Levels 2 and 3 do not have shows at this time.

How many people are in each class?

There are a minimum of six and a maximum of sixteen.

Can I get a discount for signing up for all 4 classes?

Sorry - not at this time.

I have previous experience - do I have to start in Level 1?

Since there are many different philosophies and perspectives on improv, we generally recommend that a student who hasn't taken any classes at SAK start at Level one, where we outline our basic philosophy. If they're comfortable with the performance elements, and picking up the improv concepts quickly, our teachers have the option of recommending a student to skip a level in the next semester.

Can I audit a class before I decide to register?

Since improv is such an interactive exercise based on a group trust dynamic, we don't have a system where potential students can sit in and observe. We'd recommend that you come in and see one of our Thursday, Friday or Saturday night shows. The games and challenges in these shows are some of the teaching tools we use in developing the teamwork and spontaneity you see on the stage, and illustrates our philosophy on improv. We do have a policy that if you sign up for any level of class, and after the first class decide that it's just not right for you, we'll gladly refund your money, less the non-refundable deposit. After the second class, the entire tuition is non-refundable.

I know I’m going to miss some classes; can I get a partial discount?

We don’t offer partial discounts. If you know you’re going to miss three or more classes, we recommend that you wait for a session where you can attend at least six classes to get the full value of the experience.

Do you have any classes for kids/under 16?

We do have seasonal TeenProv workshops for ages 12-15. Contact John Hunter at [email protected] for information.

Can I get a scholarship/internship?

We have a Volunteer program in which volunteers can earn credit toward classes by helping at the theater during shows - tearing tickets, working with concessions, cleaning the theater, etc. For more info on that, you can contact our Box Office Manager, Diana at [email protected] or 407-648-0001.