Team Building Ideas in Orlando

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Team Building
Ideas in Orlando

There are a
wide range of team building ideas in Orlando to choose from.

Whether your
group is looking for a fun team outing type of experience (think bowling, a
ball game, scotch tasting) or a team experience that is focused on addressing a
specific area you've identified as important (e.g. increasing the group’s
ability to collaborate, more effective communication, managing change) options
exist for both. 

We do make a
distinction between "team building
" vs. "team outing
" but both can add a lot of value for a group. (We'll post a
blog later this month highlighting the differences between the two experiences.)

Here at">SAK Comedy
, we work with teams from across the spectrum in terms of the
outcomes they're seeking. A fun team activity to reward your group? Our
improv-based team building sessions
are a great fit. Not only will your group have a blast laughing and creating
together, but we'll custom design the session, with takeaways layered into all
the fun, especially  in the areas of
collaboration, trust, support and communication.

Another popular
option, one that sets up more as a "Team Outing" rather than one of
our "Team Building Activities," is getting your group together and
coming out to our theatre in downtown Orlando to see one of our shows (have a
look at our show schedule – (">Improv in Orlando).
Rather stay in?  SAK travels and can bring
our award-winning improv comedy to any location, your choice - (">Improv at
Your Location

It checks all
the boxes for a team outing or team event - delivering an interactive social
activity that will create fun memories and stories (and one or two of your
co-workers might end up on stage!). Connect with us before your event to
discuss how we can customize the show or team experience to your organization. 

You can give
Gina a call at (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or email for more
details, or visit Unique Team Building
in Orlando
to read more).


Other Team Building ideas in Orlando that
could be a good fit is to package a volunteer opportunity with your SAK
experience to aid the community and celebrate with SAK when you’re done.  Why not roll up your sleeves and put a
community service spin on a team building activity with SAK?  Hands
On Orlando
is a great organization that packages community team
building projects.  You can choose the
area you want to focus your impact (environment, seniors, children,
homelessness, animals, etc.) and they’ll look after the administration and set
you up with times and connections before or after you laugh and play with SAK.     


So if you are
looking for Team Building ideas in
and the surrounding area, we'd love to hear from you and discuss
what we can create for your group - or you can check out HandsOn
for an opportunity to volunteer together before or after you
get your laughs with any SAK team experience, on or off-site with">SAK
Comedy Lab


Reach Gina at (407)-648-0001
Ext. 103 or email
for more details, or visit Unique Team
Building in Orlando
to read more).  She will be work with you to create a great
event for your team!