Corporate Workshops in Orlando

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Corporate Workshops in Orlando

Orlando, Florida - Whether it’s with Oracle, the Orlando Magic, Walt Disney World or Hilton Grand Vacations, we’ve been fortunate to work with organizations of all sizes, both with our corporate entertainment packages and with our Corporate Workshops in Orlando, including the team building sessions we design for our clients.

We have a number of themes and areas we cover through these corporate workshops that could be a great fit for your group.

We can focus on your team’s culture, highlighting your strengths and working on areas that would benefit from our improv-based approach.

We help build teams that are more collaborative and supportive, that embrace challenges, think outside the box and become more agile and adaptive – setting them up to confidently handle challenges.

You’ll learn strategies and techniques you can apply immediately that will inspire a deeper connection amongst colleagues, producing a more collaborative, creative workplace.

All of our workshops are completely customizable.

We have over 40 years-experience teaching these skills (and have worked with over 12,000 people over the years).

Your team will have a lot of fun together during our interactive sessions – it’s not about taking notes or passively listening to a presentation. It’s a memorable experiential workshop, with real takeaways.

Get in touch to find out more details on what we can custom design for your team. 

Please call Gina at (407)-648-0001 or email us at [email protected]

-  and if you were thinking of something more along the lines of an entertainment experience for your team, we have a number of options that could be a great fit as well. Whether it’s a fun team outing, or a company summer party, or your department’s holiday party, we can create an interactive improv performance just for your group. Check out more details about our corporate entertainment packages, or connect with Gina to discuss.