Virtual Team Building Idea

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Virtual Team Building Idea
(or virtual online show!)

With so many of us now working from home…not for a day, or a week, but like you know…for longer,  people are looking for a virtual team building idea as they adjust to this new virtual work setting.

Now we see co-workers on our computer screens, in small boxes, not face-to-face in the workplace. Here at SAK we’ve been working with organizations helping build stronger teams for years, through our corporate team building sessions and now we’ve transitioned to offering these sessions as virtual team building.  

It’s one thing to create that connectivity, cohesiveness and a collaborative spirit when everyone is in the same space, but when everyone is working remotely, it’s still important, hey, even more important, to specifically focus on connecting the team.

It’s easy for team members to feel disconnected when they don’t have the usual pacing of office interactions, scheduled meetings, non-scheduled huddles with colleagues, casual conversations around their desk, lunch chatter, and the laughter and humor that often spontaneously intertwines throughout the day for many.

Everyone is reacting differently to the new environment, and one day can be quite different from the next, with the non-stop news updates and added stress of the all-encompassing disruption to every part of our lives. 

Our virtual team building sessions are a great way to bring the team together, share a lot of laughter, but also highlight themes such as managing change, how to embrace the unpredictable, tips for increasing collaboration and communication in a virtual environment, and supporting each other.

We will customize design the session to your group and can set it up as a quick drop-in to add a burst of energy and fun to kick-off one of your regularly scheduled Zoom calls (or whatever platform you’re using), or a longer session going through a number of team building activities.

These are interactive sessions that your team will really embrace, and it’ll have a lasting impact.  If you'd prefer to simply sit back and enjoy a corporate comedy show, SAK also offers interactive online comedy shows to enjoy from the comfort of home!  

Contact Gina to learn more about our Virtual Team Building or Virtual Online Shows.

You can connect with her at (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or email [email protected].

Stay safe everyone!