Jose Rodriguez

Jose joined SAK in 2003 and made his way from classes through Lab Rats and Gen S to Ensemble player. Along the way he also studied formats and techniques with improv gurus such as David Razowsky, Mark Sutton, Bill Arnett, Susan Messing, & Joe Bill. For 16 years Jose was a YMCA Director, where he lead team building workshops using the "Yes...and" philosophy. He is also a founding member of the Orlando-based OFFSIDES Improv long form troupe, which has performed and conducted workshops in numerous Improv Festivals around the country.

Quick Facts

Hometown: Miami, FL

Spirit Animal: The Fox!

Comedic Inspiration: Bill Cosby, Alvarez Guedes, Paul Rodriguez, Will Smith

Random Fact: I've SCUBA dove to 120ft. in depth

Words of Wisdom: El que no Oye consejo, no llega a viejo!