Mike Carr

Mike is very happy to be playing with the ensemble at SAK Comedy Lab. He began improvising and acting in high school with various community theaters and decided to pursue it as a career. In 2003, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in theater. While there, he performed with Mission:IMPROVable for three years and served two years as the groups director. After college, he packed up and moved to Chicago where he studied improvisation at the iO Theater and played with house team REVOLVER. He also got to be a writer/performer in the successful show MAKE OUT NOT WAR, as part of the Directors Series 2006 at Second City. He left Chicago to pursue his acting career in sunny Orlando Florida where he works as a principle actor for The Walt Disney Company at The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, The American Idol Experience and Capt. Jack's Pirate Tutorial, as well as being a performer for the Disney Event Group. He also can be seen on television in commercials for Brighthouse, Tires Plus and The Florida Lotto. He loves playing at SAK and thanks you for allowing him to entertain you.

Quick Facts

Hometown: Boston, MA

Spirit Animal: A bulldog

Comedic Inspiration: Steve Martin, Neil Flynn, Louis CK

Random Fact: Mike has never seen a Steven Segal movie and he never will.

Words of Wisdom: When you accept that you're nothing then you are free to be anything.