Halloween Duel of Fools

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This is SAK's signature improv show themed for Halloween! Two teams of professional improvisers compete for your laughs with audience judges selected at the start of the show. The actors make up songs, scenes and characters right in front of your eyes with the help of the audience's suggestions and participation. Watch in horror as cast members are put through some elements of torture during this show including the famous "Barefoot Mousetrap" scene. This 9:30pm Saturday show is rated PG13.

Ticket Pricing

General Admission: $20.00

Promotional Packages

These packages include your tickets, and all the perks listed, for a discounted bundle price!

Slice of Life: Roast Celebrate your loved one: $125.00
• Buy a 10-minute improvised celebration of your loved one in THIS show!
• Please make sure to tell us the name of the recipient, the reason for celebrating, and whether or not this is a surprise in the order comments when checking out. This includes one (1) ticket for the recipient.

Content Rating

PG-13 (some adult language and situations)