Corporate Event Entertainment - Wowing Your Guests Equals Success

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When planning a corporate event, the corporate event entertainment component to the evening can often get shuffled down the priority list.

Here’s a few reasons why you might want to tick it up closer to the top.

Firstly, we can all assume if you’re planning a corporate event, you want it to be a success, to nail the vision you started out with and “be all it can be” for the investment.

The entertainment you land on at your next corporate event can be the one item that takes it from mediocre (or worse), to a smashing success.

We’ve seen this happen again and again at the corporate events Sak Comedy Lab has been a part of.

Here’s what to consider when thinking about adding entertainment to your next event.

1. Engagement

Flat, or drab entertainment, sucks the air out of an event as attendees disengage - from the performance, but even more problematic, from other attendees and your company brand.

Great entertainment does the exact opposite. It infuses the room with energy, enthusiasm and engagement….connecting attendees to the event, to each other and to your company. That might seem like a bit of a magnanimous statement, but it’s actually not. It’s difficult to overestimate the value of an entertainment component that delivers exactly what you were hoping for…creating fun and laughter and connectivity in the moment, but as importantly, long-term positive associations to the event and your brand.

2. A Good Fit

Your corporate event entertainment is going to directly reflect on your company (and to some extent, on you, the organizer).

Think about the fit, the goals and vision of the event, and choose carefully, reflecting on those factors.

Is fun, laughter and energy consistent with your company values and the event? Are you about driving innovation and creativity? Is social responsibility the core mission of your brand? Or safety and security?

Whatever it is, spend some time getting clear on your values and brand, and the event’s vision, and then look to match strength to strength when making your corporate event entertainment decision.

3. Reach and Branding

A great entertainment fit checks off a lot of boxes for a corporate event organizing committee…but one big check mark you always want to have is that the entertainment produced a lot of talk after the event (positive talk of course).

Sure the food may have been world-class, and a keynote speaker crushed earlier in the day, but your entertainment has the ability, more so than virtually any other part of your event, to stand out and take it from good or great, to memorable…something guests refer to long after the event is over, with anecdotes and fun stories.

This type of word-of-mouth is what all companies work for…extending your brand reach further and further.

So when you gather to plan that next event, and you're making your list, we encourage you to keep the entertainment component near the top of your list….it can play a critical role in determining success.

Here at Sak Comedy Lab, we’ve been delivering memorable corporate event entertainment performances for years. We love wowing an audience and making event organizers look ike stars.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your next corporate event. We’re always ready to help discuss your event.

Contact Gina to find out more - (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or email [email protected] 

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