Office Holiday Party Ideas - Orlando

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Office Holiday Party Ideas - Orlando

Orlando - Looking for ideas for your office holiday party in Orlando?

We’ve got you covered when it comes to entertainment that is both unique and memorable!

Here at SAK Comedy we’ve been entertaining at office holiday parties for years, which means a couple of things for you, the organizer – one, you don’t need to worry about any stress with us. We take that off the table…and two, we’ll make you look good for suggesting us as a way to add a bang to this year’s party. Something a little different that will be a highlight.

A big part of what makes our company special event shows so unique is you…your company…your staff…the personalities. We use information about your team to create a fully customized show tailored to the group in the room. It’s a one-of-a kind improv performance; never to be seen again.

All done in a professional, good-natured way that will have everyone laughing together (always appropriate for the audience – don’t worry, there won’t be any HR issues).

When we’re up, whether it’s after dinner, to kick things off, to close the night out…whatever the timing, we turn up the energy and get everyone involved.

Office Holiday Party Ideas - Orlando
If you’re researching office holiday party ideas as you plan this year’s event, connect with Gina to find out more about the packages we offer.

You can connect with her at (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 at the office, on her direct line at 321-297-3926  or email [email protected]

Whether it’s a big company party, a smaller department gathering, or you’re looking for a holiday team building type of session, we can put something together for you.

We can come to your venue, or host
We’re mobile, so we can come to wherever you’re having your party, or host your party here at our theatre space in downtown Orlando.

Holiday Team Building fun
As we mentioned above, putting together a fun team building experience over the holidays for your group is also very popular. It works well adding it as an activity during a holiday lunch, or before your team heads for your holiday dinner and drinks (these are popular with smaller groups).

Here are more details on what we offer for Team Building sessions

Improv Shows in Orlando
And of course, you can also bring the group down to our theatre to catch one of our shows for a holiday  outing. Have a look at the lineup: Improv shows in Orlando

Contact Gina to find out more - (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or email [email protected]

About SAK Comedy

From a small troupe in Minnesota, to a contract with the Walt Disney Company, to establishing ourselves as a long-running entertainment and corporate training company in the Orlando-area and throughout Central Florida, SAK Comedy Lab has become one of the largest theatres and training centers in the Southeast.

Stop by our 250-seat venue in Downtown Orlando to see a show (we’re located at 29 S. Orange Ave on the 2nd floor at the intersection of Orange Ave. and Pine St.)


If you’re planning a party in Vancouver, or anywhere in Canada for that matter, our friends at Vancouver TheatreSports do what we do – deliver a memorable entertainment experience with their world-class customized improv shows for office holiday parties.

You can learn more here – office holiday party ideas for Vancouver