Corporate Team Building in Orlando

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Corporate Team Building in Orlando

Tips for Building Stronger Teams

Orlando, Florida – Corporate team building is playing an increasingly important role within organizations, whether you’re a non-profit, a government agency, a private company or one of Central Florida’s public corporations – everyone is managing a landscape racing ahead with new ideas, innovations, disruptive marketplaces, change and in some cases, stasis. Often no change, or a lack of growth is the most difficult environment for a team to navigate (and more often than not, in those situations, change is lurking right around the corner).

We’ve come to expect disruption, both good and not-so good, as the new norm.

We’ve been designing corporate team building in Orlando (and throughout Central Florida) for groups for over 40 years (SAK Comedy offers a number of corporate team building options) …we’ve seen a lot of trends come though and disrupt how teams work together, from how they’re formed, to how they communicate and collaborate.

The impact of recent innovation trends has resulted in people in many task-focused positions seeing their jobs shift (and in some cases disappear) due to AI and automation. Constant restructuring and adapting has served to highlight the need for teams to focus on becoming highly collaborative (both internally within the team, but across departments) and the importance of teamwork as a key to reaching goals.

Effective teams are the foundation to success. Building a strong team depends on a mix of factors. Here are a few factors we focus on:


Corporate Team Building in Orlando
If you’d like to learn more about what we do for our corporate clients when we design a corporate team building activity, connect Gina at (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or via email [email protected]  and she’ll be happy to provide more details.


 #1) Establishing Trust Amongst a Team

This is the foundation to what makes a team either work, or not work. It’s also absolutely essential for success as a group of improvisers. Whether on stage or in a professional environment, you need to be able to trust that your fellow team member is going to support you, and in turn, they can trust you’ll be support them. That they can count on you. Trust takes time; through our team building workshops we focus on a template your team will use to connect in a way that shortens that cycle.

 #2) Being a Flexible Teammate

Sure, you might think you have the best idea, or you have a pre-conceived notion of the direction you want an idea, or project to go…but guess what, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. And that’s okay. Being agile and self-aware enough to let that go and get on-board with a teammate’s, or the team’s, ideas and direction is the sign of a great team member. Don’t take it personally, but recognize you have an important role to contribute and help move forward along the new path.
As you can imagine, improv only works when everyone involved shows up knowing a scene can go any direction, despite wherever one team member originally wanted it to go. It’s about getting on-board and supporting the group wherever things are heading.

#3) Be Playful, Have Fun
Teams that laugh together, that embrace having fun together are teams that actively look for ways to support each other and spend time together.
Infuse a sense of playfulness into your team. Building trust and having a team that is positive and flexible makes this a lot easier, but there are many ways to create a team that genuinely likes each other.

Again, if you’d like to learn more about the types of corporate team building workshops we design, connect with Gina at (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or via email [email protected]