Improv Near Me - Orlando

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Improv Near Me – Orlando

Alexa, where’s improv near me?”

Any question, any request…Alexa, Siri and their crew are at the ready to jump in. Whether big, or small, there’s no longer a need to ponder, or head off on your own quest. We now live in a time where virtual assistants are interwoven into our days.

And the improv world is no different. Alexa gets hit up all the time with questions about improv. In fact, the topics are seemingly endless when it comes to what people are asking about improv. We surfed through a bunch of the results with the keyword “improv” as a common denominator, and what we found was a mix of the obvious – like the questions above, “Alexa, where’s improv near me”, for those looking to catch an improv show, to the more obscure.

Examples of both are:

what's improv theatre” (the obvious category): pretty standard one and one that gets asked quite a bit.

can improv be used as a verb” (in the obscure category): I’ve never actually considered that question…and the answer is yes, of course.

what are improv classes like” (obvious): down Main Street with this one. There’s always a good amount of interest in improv classes in most metro areas. 

what is improv quilting” (obscure): hmmm, not really sure, but it is something Alexa gets asked. And so, I looked it up and learned it is “a way of sewing scraps together to create larger pieces which are then incorporated into blocks that can be used in a quilt” (from the site Improv as it’s applied in the quilting world. Cool

is improv training good for business” (obvious-ish I guess): this is a question for a reason, as it might not be obvious to everyone, but it’s something we here at SAK have known for years…that yes, the skills, concepts and techniques of improv can be directly applied into the corporate world (we do this type of training all the time through our corporate workshops in the Orlando area.

“can Mackenzie improv” (obscure): unless you watch Dance Moms and then you know exactly what this is referring to.

And of course there’s always a bunch of improv related questions around Will Ferrell,

We might check back in here and there over the next few blogs on more of the improv-based questions being asked of virtual assistants all around North America.  

And what do we know about Improv?

A bit actually. We’ve been entertaining audiences with our unique brand since 1991. We get to hit the stage at our beautiful 250-seat theatre in Orlando and have a blast with over 50,000 people every year. We also get to work with clients all over Central Florida in the areas of team building workshops, helping organizations collaborate and communicate more effectively, manage change and unleashing the creativity and innovation with teams and entire companies – through our corporate workshops.

And you can also find us creating a lot of laughter and hilarity at special events and company parties all year-round. We specialize in delivering the “wow” at events.

(if you’d like to find out more about this, drop Gina a note at [email protected]  and she’ll be happy to provide more details.  And she knows the actual answers to most of these questions because she's been with SAK for over 20 years herself!