Steve Merritt

STEPHEN MERRITT performs regularly at SAK COMEDY LAB in downtown Orlando, occasionally at WALT DISNEY WORLD, and once made it almost all the way to CARNEGIE HALL when he played a gig right across the street. He's performed in EUROPE, ASIA, THE AMERICAS and on the various seas between. He played the BICYCLE PIANO at Tokyo Disneyland, shared the CARNATION PLAZA stage with Benji the Dog, and even haunted the ADVENTURER'S CLUB whenever Fingers needed a hand. In 2013 Stephen traveled and performed in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nagasaki, Toronto, Seattle, Honolulu, Cartagena, Bozeman and The Panama Canal, and the year is not over yet!

Quick Facts

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Spirit Animal: The Black Crow.

Random Fact: The only person to walk into Disneyland as a paying guest and walk out with a paying job. Well, him, and the OSMOND BROTHERS…

Words of Wisdom: Andy Warhol said, “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”. He was right. If you write yourself into Wikipedia, 15 minutes later a moderator will edit you out. Try it.