Since 1991!
Adam Scharf
Adam Scharf is an ensemble member and teacher at SAK Comedy Lab, and can...

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Ali Flores
A. Ali Flores has been performing most of his life. His passion for...

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Amanda Wirtz
Amanda grew up in New Jersey where most of her childhood was spent playing...

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Ana Eligio
Ana is currently a member of the main Ensemble, Gorilla Theatre, and Early...

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Bob Kodzis
In addition to being one of SAK Comedy Lab's most seasoned professional...

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Brett Waldon
Brett began improvising his senior year of high school and has only really...

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Chelsea Hilend
Chelsea has been a member of the SAK family since 2011. She performs, and...

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Chris Dinger
Chris began improvising for audiences at his youth group when he was just...

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Emily Fontano
Emily Fontano started performing at the ripe age of seven singing with her...

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Garrett Jurss
Garrett started with SAK in 2012, and has been here ever since as a...

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Jay Hopkins
Jay Hopkins is thrilled to call SAK Theatre his improv home since 1992!...

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Jesse Dupre
Jesse is a theatre-maker from London. Jesse studied BA (Hons) French and...

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John Hunter
John started with SAK in 1992, taking the first set of organized classes...

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Jose Rodriguez
Jose joined SAK in 2003 and made his way from classes through Lab Rats and...

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Rebecca Siegal

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Richard Paul
More to come!

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